Are you service minded? And would you like to get some time behind the wheel?
Small vessels means all hands on deck.

American Offshore Services LLC (A-O-S), based in Providence, Rhode Island, is currently looking to fill multiple positions for Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) Mates. As a Mate, you will be a crucial part of the team responsible for the daily transport of technicians and spare parts to the offshore wind farms in the US. You are going to be an important person in creating the highest standard of professional service for our customers. We are looking for someone with a strong maritime background with experience sailing as a Master or Mate. A CTV Mate needs to be focused on supporting the Master in the safe operation and navigation of the vessel. We are looking for Mates who prioritize safety while providing excellent customer service. The Mate will have the most interaction with the technicians or passengers on board. You must have integrity to be a part of the crew and work in accordance with regulatory, company and client requirements. To thrive with us and succeed in this role, you are solution-oriented, not stressed by acute operational hurdles and focused on solutions rather than problems. You will work closely with the Master to manage all aspects of the vessel. You must have good interpersonal skills and constantly guard yours and other’s safety. We offer you to work in a new, exciting, and fast-growing industry which offers good opportunities for development and a future career path. We expect our Mates to quickly become Masters as our growing fleet expands.

• You are aligned with our values and your work ethic results in providing excellent service to co-workers and clients.
• You have 1-3 years’ experience sailing as a Master/Captain or Senior Officer
• You are motivated by an entrepreneur-driven existence with high tempo.
• You have experience sailing as Captain or Mate on board CTVs, OSVs, passenger ferries, charter vessels or similar
• You are good at working as a team
• You are experienced in operating in a client focused environment adhering to both company and client procedures
• You have experience maintaining vessels
• You take and give direction well
• You can prioritize, be persistent and have a high work capacity
• Work efficiently with computer-based logbook systems
• Hold a valid MMC and credentials required for vessel service


High school education, preferably further maritime or technical education.


Min. Requirements:
• US National Mate < 200GT, Near Coastal
• STCW Basic Training
• TWIC, Passport, Driver’s License
• Valid Medical Card
• First Aid
• FCC Marine Radio Operator Permit or greater

• National Master < 200GT, Near Coastal
• STCW Master <500GT with RADAR, ARPA, ECDIS, BRM
• STCW Medical Care Provider
• Rigger and Crane Operator training
• Protected Species Observer


• Ability to work as a team effectively
• Skilled in vessel maneuvering
• Excellent verbal and written communication
• Desire to learn and improve
• Skilled at safe and efficient use of modern navigation systems
• Knowledge in technical systems and maintenance
• Proficient in computer-based log keeping
• Operational HSSE-Q knowledge. Ability to apply risk management in daily operation. Contribute to continuous improvement and development of safety management system


• Shall be able to take the navigational watch
• Shall be able to take over vessel if master is incapacitated
• Responsible for vessel maintenance and house keeping
• Follow procedures in accordance with Company’s SMS
• Responsible to safely complete deck cargo operations
• Safely assist passengers during transfers and transit
• Safely perform loading and discharging operations on board the vessel
• Responsible for the maintenance and inspections of the firefighting equipment
• Report all incidents, near misses or safety violations to Captain


WORK TASKS – Vessel Operations
• Navigate vessel in accordance with COLREGs
• Safely and efficiently operate vessel to complete Client’s mission
• Effectively communicate with crew and passengers
• Document maintenance performed in accordance with vessel’s PMS
• Maintain and keep vessel logbooks and filing system
• Perform basic maintenance tasks both on deck and in engine
• Properly stow and secure equipment and/or cargo
• Operate cranes, winches, hatches or equivalent as required
• Check condition of any deck equipment before it is used
• Perform duties of PIC during bunker operations


WORK TASKS – Management
• Work leader for the engine department and responsible for working environment in the engine department
• Educate and lead passengers in all safety policies
• Lead by example and motivate others to work safely
• Lead and perform deck operations during personnel and cargo transfers
• Take direction as part of emergency response and firefighting teams
• Assist Captain in all aspects of vessel management
• Serve as an on board Company representative to clients
• Keep Captain updated on any site-specific changes


WORK TASKS – Maintenance
• Keep engine room and below deck spaces clean and in good order
• Execute basic maintenance of the systems described in the Preventative Maintenance System
• Reporting technical status and consumptions to the office weekly/monthly
• Troubleshoot and report technical issues to Vessel Superintendent

Pre-Employment: Must pass a pre-employment drug screen and background check
Employment: Full-time, permanent with 6-month probationary period
Work Location: Varies with project location (North Kingstown/Providence, RI)
Schedule: 14 days on/off
Travel: Vessel crew responsible for travel to office/vessel
Training: Select crew will spend a rotation on N-O-S vessels in Europe, Company will
provide client specific trainings


Please send CV and Cover letter to:
If you have any questions regarding the job, please contact the Hiring Manager:

We look forward hearing from you!


American Offshore Services LLC is a Crew Transfer Vessel (CTV) owner and operator in the US. We transport personnel and equipment to offshore wind farms and installations with our bespoke
vessels built in the US.

In early 2020, Northern Offshore Group (parent company of the leading CTV operator Northern Offshore Services, N-O-S) and US-based Sea of Gravity Offshore entered into an agreement to provide CTV services to the emerging U.S. Offshore Wind Industry. Within this partnership, the two entities have established a U.S. based, Jones Act Compliant operating entity, “American Offshore Services” (A-O-S).

Sea of Gravity (SEA.O.G) is a team of highly experienced personnel with years of experience in heavy lift, marine vessel operations, break bulk and project cargo operations, loss prevention, vendor surveillance, and health and safety. SEA.O.G provides swift, accurate, and simplified project logistics solutions. We are seeking to advance the renewable energy industry with our technical expertise by providing environmentally conscious, fully integrated logistics solutions while prioritizing the health, safety, and development of our workforce.

Northern Offshore Services (N-O-S) is an industry-leading supplier to the international Offshore wind industry and provides crew transfer vessels for the transport of personnel and equipment to offshore wind farms. The company’s heritage is from traditional shipping companies, and we are proud of and influenced by our history, which features several generations of seafarers, entrepreneurs, and businesspeople. We employ approx. 250 people and mange 40 different vessels. Our fleet contains a wide range of customized vessels, designed by our in-house vessel experts. All our vessels are built according to the highest standards in terms of performance, efficiency, and availability.